Values and Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Chronic poverty is unacceptable in the 21st Century, and can be overcome through harnessing public opinion and political will.
  • The abuse of human rights, whether political, civil, social, economic or cultural, is a crime that should not be tolerated.
  • All living creatures have rights.
  • Destruction of the environment is a crime against Mother Earth and all the people, animals and plants who live on it.
  • Sustainable elimination of poverty is only possible if all people have their human rights respected and fulfilled, and the environment is protected for future generations.
  • We all have a responsibility to help make this a reality:

“In the struggle between the weak and the powerful, to do nothing is not to be neutral; it is to side with the powerful against the weak”.

We also believe that:

  • All people have equal value, but priority should be given to the needs of those particularly disadvantaged.
  • The poor and the oppressed are best placed to determine their own needs and priorities.
  • We can all learn from each other.

We aim to work in ways that:

  • Build the capacity of the groups we are involved with so their efforts can be sustained.
  • Identify appropriate solutions and courses of action in partnership with these groups, rather than imposing standard solutions out of a box.
  • Are of the highest quality possible.