We offer high quality personalised training support to individuals and organisations.
Our training workshops are highly participatory and fun but also include the sharing of leading-edge theory and best practice to create the optimum learning experience.

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand”

Examples of the types of training workshops we offer are:

Management training

Strategic planning

Before designing and embarking on a process of strategic planning, it is helpful if all your key staff and board members share a common understanding of the process that you will be following.  This workshop will provide a clear strategic planning framework, introduce a range of participatory planning tools, and identify common problems and how to overcome them.

Project Management

This workshop focuses on both the human and technical aspects of project management, covering team building, planning, coordination and motivation as well as scheduling, task allocation, Gantt charts, monitoring indicators, etc.

Managing for the first time

New managers often need help in understanding the different dimensions to their role. This workshop gives an introduction on how to manage people, plans, resources, relationships and risks.

Managing staff and building high-performing teams

How can you best manage a diverse group of people to get the best out of them individually and as a team?

Managing volunteers

This one-day workshop explores good practice in volunteer management and provides and opportunity to share experiences and solve your tricky management problems.

Personal Effectiveness/Time Management

Theory is one thing but we all know that reality is often different. This workshop is designed to help you come up with practical ways of improving your productivity and reducing your stress.

Advocacy and Campaigning training

Advocacy and Campaigning Essentials

A one-day workshop to explore the values and best practice that underpins successful advocacy and campaigning.

Advocacy and Campaigning Strategy

Over three days, we follow a detailed planning pathway, introducing and applying a number of planning tools to help analyse advocacy issues and context, and so devise the best influencing strategy.

Advocacy and Campaigning Actions

Usually following “Advocacy and Campaigning Strategy”, this additional one or two days is used to look at different advocacy actions aimed at engaging and influencing your target audiences, showing how to select which are most appropriate and how to design them.

Lobbying and Influencing Skills

Using a combination of solid theory and practical role-play exercises, this one or two-day workshop is designed to equip participants with the skills and confidence to engage and persuade their advocacy targets.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Advocacy and Campaigning

A one-day workshop that explores how to design a practical and robust M&E system to meet the needs of advocacy practitioners, managers and donors.

Communications and Media training

Communications Strategy

Whether for campaigning, fundraising, supporter recruitment or general profile raising, all organisations need a communications strategy. This one or two day workshop will help you understand the overt and hidden values promoted by different verbal and visual messages, enabling you to identify your communications objectives, core messages, guidelines and protocols.

Public speaking skills

Drawing upon techniques as old as Aristotle’s art of rhetoric and as new as Obama’s election campaign, this experiential workshop will help you refine the content of your speech as well as give you the skills to deliver it confidently and persuasively.

Media interviews

Theory, plan, practice and reflect (and get valuable feedback) is the learning cycle in this practical workshop designed to improve your technique and confidence when being interviewed by the media in all formats.

Other capacity building support

  • Personal coaching and mentoring (face-to-face or at a distance)
  • Setting up and/or facilitating action-learning sets
  • Designing and/or facilitating learning events
  • Facilitating conferences and seminars
  • Supporting staff recruitment by advising on job descriptions and person specifications, and by participating in interview panels.

Want to discuss your training and capacity building needs? Contact Ian Chandler at or 01600 750763.