Do you need help developing strategic, programme or project plans?

I design, facilitate and support structured, participatory and evidence-based planning processes for small teams, whole organisations and multi-agency networks.

My support will be tailored to your needs, and can include:

  • Undertaking strategic reviews of your organisation or network
  • Undertaking or supporting a detailed internal and external situation analysis to inform your planning
  • Bringing internal and external stakeholders together to develop a shared vision for your work and agree your mission and values
  • Using techniques such as Systems Mapping and Theory of Change to maximise the impact you can make with the resources available
  • Designing participatory and creative processes to devise aims, objectives and action plans
  • Hands-on facilitation or advising and coaching the manager leading the process.
  • Facilitating individual planning events and documenting their outputs
  • Writing up or editing the final plan