There are many different advocacy resources around. Some of them only apply to a particular type of advocacy in a particular context; some are very long and inaccessible, and some are expensive to purchase (and some are all three!).

Advocacy & Campaigning CycleSo, as part of our mission to support progressive non-profits to strengthen their impact, we have produced a series of Advocacy & Campaign Planning Mini-Guides for free download. Written by Ian Chandler and drawing his 30+ years of experience in campaigning, each Mini-Guide aims to clearly and concisely introduce some leading edge concepts and tools, helping readers to focus on what is most important and make the best possible strategic choices, whatever context they are working in.

Mini-Guides available for download now as PDFs are:

Mini-Guide 1 – Advocacy & Campaigning overview. This defines advocacy and the different approaches that can be taken; sets out what needs to be in an advocacy strategy (and the difference between strategy, tactics and actions), and introduces the Advocacy & Campaigning Cycle and the Advocacy Planning Pathway. [1.4MB]

Mini-Guide 2 – Know what you want to change. Taking you through the steps and tools that can help you to identify your advocacy aim, recommendations and objectives. [0.7MB]

Mini-Guide 3 – Identify best influencing strategy. Summarising the five steps to developing a clear influencing strategy to achieve your objectives, this is essential reading before moving on to tactics. [1.1MB]

Mini-Guide 4 – Stakeholder Analysis. Developed specifically for use in advocacy and campaign planning, this version of stakeholder analysis enables the strategic selection of target audiences and the influencing objectives for them. [0.4MB]

Mini-Guide 5 – Corporate Vulnerability. Introducing an innovative model for exploring the four key relationships that every business has to manage and identifying where it is most vulnerable. [0.6MB]

Mini-Guide 6 – Lobbying. Helping you plan and conduct lobbying meetings to achieve results. [0.3MB]

Available soon will be:

  • Advocacy & Campaign Planning Self-Assessment Questionnaire – 30 questions on an Excel spread-sheet that automatically calculates and displays your profile.

Others will be developed and published as time allows.

They are all released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (reproduction is permitted for non-profit use only, providing that Ian Chandler is acknowledged as the author).

To download, click on the title of the Mini-Guide and it should display in your browser. Save it as a PDF, then click the back button to return to the website.

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  1. Such informative and professionally built Mini-Guides and training material on Media & Advocacy highlighted in a clear, but short cut manner the deference between LIPS TALKING & STEPS TAKING.

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