Advocacy & Campaigning overview

Mini-Guide 1 – Advocacy & Campaigning overview. This defines advocacy and the different approaches that can be taken; sets out what needs to be in an advocacy strategy (and the difference between strategy, tactics and actions), and introduces the Advocacy & Campaigning Cycle and the Advocacy Planning Pathway.

“There are many other versions of advocacy cycles, but this has some features that make it unique and, I like to think, more useful:

  1. It does not assume a particular approach to advocacy. It can work in any context, on any issue.
  2. It does not assume that the organisation doing the advocacy or campaigning is of any particular type or size. It can be followed by small voluntary groups or large international NGOs, and everyone in-between.
  3. The main phases of the cycle are linked to the key planning decisions that need to be made, each phase building on the choices made in the previous phase.
  4. Each phase is broken down into a number of distinct and manageable steps – the planning pathway.

I’ve used it with countless organisations over the past 10 years – I hope you have the same success.”

Ian Chandler, December 2014

Download the PDF [1.4MB] of the Mini-Guide by clicking this link Mini-Guide 1 – Advocacy & Campaigning overview and save it to your computer, then press the return button on your browser to return to this page.


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