Stakeholder Analysis

Mini-Guide 4 – Stakeholder Analysis. Developed specifically for use in advocacy and campaign planning, this version of stakeholder analysis enables the strategic selection of target audiences and the influencing objectives for them. It relates to the 4th step of the planning pathway set out in Mini-Guide #3 Identify the best influencing strategy.

“There are simpler stakeholder mapping tools, but this one gives a rich analysis that enables real strategic choices to be made, and helps avoid some of the big mistakes in advocacy planning (such as mobilising greater opposition to your own campaign by persuading opponents that the issue is important!)”. Ian Chandler, December 2014

Download the PDF [0.4MB] of the Mini-Guide by clicking the link Mini-Guide 4 – Stakeholder Analysis and save it to your computer, then press the return button on your browser to return to this page.

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